Book 10

Hellraiser Book 10

Cover art: Bill Sienkiewicz

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Hellraiser: Collected Best


In this corner, in blackened leather, the rank
legions of hell's cenobites--the Devil's Brigade.
In that corner, weighing in at over three billion,
the chaotic masses collectively known as humanity.

Round One: a Priest whose hope is to become
a beacon of enlightenment for the One Tru Faith
is opposed by a cenobite who means to turn his
crusade into a modern day Inquisition

Round Two: a clincally minded aids researcher
desperately in need of motivation in her work
finds commitment, courtesy of Hell's favorite son.

Round Three: a boxer in search of the ultimate
physical challenge dare's hell's greatest
pugilists to experiments in the sweet science
with stakes greater than he ever intended

There's the bell. Let's get ready to rumble.


Foreword by D. G. Chichester

Devil's Brigade, Part Six
One True Faith

Nicholas Vince (writer)
Joe Barruso (

The Sweet Science
Erik Saltzgaber (writer)
Mike Zeck
Phil Zimelman


Devil's Brigade, Part Seven

D. G. Chichester
Dwayne McDuffie

Mike McMahon (artist)

Afterword by Marc McLaurin

Cover Price: $4.95 USA / $5.95 CAN
64 pages
ISBN # 0-87135-867-0
Consultant: Clive Barker
Published by Epic Comics
All Clive Barker's Hellraiser material copyright Clive Barker