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At last, the demon and the angel at war within the soul of Phillip Fetter have all their secrets revealed! But every thruth has its price, as the demon is on the verge of screaming free and killing Saint Sinner in the process!

Created by:

Clive Barker


Elaine Lee


Max Douglas


Janice Chiang


Christie Scheele


Marc McLaurin

Consulting Editor:

Malcom Smith

Executive Editor:

Carl Potts

Editor-in-Chief :

Tom DeFalco

32 pages(with ads)
Cover price $1.75 US / $2.25 CAN
December 1993
Created by Clive Barker

All Saint Sinner material copyright © 1993 Clive Barker
Saint Sinner is a trademark of Clive Barker
Published by Marvel Comics