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Earth Angel


They say you can't go home again but our newly empowered hero is about to discover first-hand, as he returns home nine years older overnight, and wanted for murder! Homecoming means startling revelations, final endings and new beginnings for the Man Who Walks Between!

Created by:

Clive Barker


Elaine Lee


Max Douglas


Christie Scheele


Marc McLaurin

Consulting Editor:

Malcom Smith

Executive Editor:

Carl Potts

Editor-in-Chief :

Tom DeFalco

32 pages(with ads)
Cover price $1.75 US / $2.25 CAN
November 1993
Created by Clive Barker

All Saint Sinner material copyright © 1993 Clive Barker
Saint Sinner is a trademark of Clive Barker
Published by Marvel Comics