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Cover art: J. K. Potter

Primal #1
Primal #2

Primal #1

In Primal: From the Cradle to the Grave, we left T.J. Cyrus in the icy caress of Myda the Riven. This four-issue series takes us back to the night, back to the Riven as they enter our world to feed on our fear. One of the Riven is let loose in an experiment gone awry, loose in old Massachusetts and events that seem to recall old Salem, where the Riven fed well.


Clive Barker
D.G. Chichester
Erik Saltzgaber


John Van Fleet


Clem Robins

Primal, October 1992
Published Bi-monthly by Dark Horse Horse Comics, INC
32 pages (with ads)

Primal © 1992 Clive Barker
$2.50 USA / $3.00 CAN