Primal  cover
Cover art: John Van Fleet

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From The Cradle to the Grave

How the night began

The Riven, a race of creatures emdodying fear, exiled into oblivion eons ago by early man. Seething with a deep hatred for the race that banished them from existence, watching from their prison in limbo...

Waiting for the chance to escape that finally comes in a terrifying Defence
Department experiment.

A sole and souless Riven returned to remind man-kind of a fear it has not felt in millenia...


Clive Barker
D.G. Chichester
Erik Saltzgaber


John Van Fleet


Clem Robins

Primal From the Cradle to the Grave January 1992
Published by Dark Horse Horse Comics, INC
64 pages

Primal © 1992 Clive Barker
$9.95 USA / $13.95 CAN
ISBN: 1-87857-430-2