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Epic an anthology # 2 cover
Cover art: Dave Dorman

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Aron Boone, a troubled young man, plaqued by hideous nightmares of murder and death. He also dreams of Midian, the place where the monsters go. However, underthe guiding hands of his girlfriend, Lori, and his psychiatrist, Doctor Decker, Boone fights to hold onto his sanity.

Then one day, the hold is broken when Decker shows him a series of photos, showing bloody slaughter which he claims Boone is responponsible for. Believing himself toa true monster, Boone makes for Midian. Here, he makes his first contact with the BREED, the creatures of the night and the DEAD. One in particular, Peloquin, leaves his toothy mark on Boone. Thus taintes, he begins his transition from man to BREED. However, he is now a hunted man, bursued for crimes committed not by himself but by his sociopathic psychiatrist Decker. Decker wants Boone dead. A fusillade from the gun's of Canada's finest would seem to have granted him his wish, but Boone has completed his metamorphosis to BREED and rises from the morticians table and returns to Midian. However, Decker and a Bloodthirsty horde of policemen follow him and a furious battle ensues.

With their darkest hour at hand, Baphomet, founding god of the Nightbreed, completers Boone's transition from human natural to the Cabal of the BREED, the Seventh Savior, the Hero of the Night. With Midian destroyed, Cabal now leads the surviving monsters into the human world in search of a new Midian...


Dan Chichester


Martin Emond

Epic an Anthology Book 2
Clive Barker's Nightbreed © 1992 Clive Barker and Morgan Creek Productions
Cover price: $4.95
US / $5.75 CAN
48 pages
Published by Epic Comics
ISBN # 0-87135-846-8