Epic Book 1 cover
Epic Book 1

Epic an anthology # 1 cover
Cover art: Dave McKean

Epic Book 1
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Hellraiser: Birth Rite

Everybody harbors some secret desire, ambition or wish, and there are many ways to fulfillthem; hard work, if you're so inclined, the will to succeed, money if you have it, power of the fist or the dollar...But there are those who will do anything, sacrifice their very lives, give up their immortal souls, to get what they want.

Enter the Cenobites, the lords of order, High priests of pain and torture for whom disfigurement, dismemberment, body piercing are holy institutes, ritual practices to be revered and worshipped. They are the stormtroopers, the agents, the minions of Leviathan, the very emperor of hell itself. Their mission is to ensnare the greedy, the gluttonous, and the depraved.
Their method is the the Lament configuration, an intricate puzzle of geometric shapes and patterns and lines that exists in a vast array of forms from a small metal box to the architecture within a tower block. Only the most desperate and can unlock its complex and convoluted traceries and when the riddle is finally solved, the configuration opens a highway to the black heart of hell and summons forth the Cenobites. Now the bargain has been struck. in payment for fulfilling your every fantasy, they will take your soul and rip it apart in a blizzard of hooks and chains and blood...


Dan Chichester


William Simpson

Epic an Anthology Book 1
Clive Barker's Hellraiser © 1992 Clive Barker
Cover price: $4.95
US / $5.75 CAN
48 pages
Published by Epic Comics
ISBN # 0-87135-845-X