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The Ectokid is a dark fantasy comic with a fourteen-year-old boy as its hero, a marriage of supernatural adventures with very worldly concerns

While its hero - Dexter (Dex) Mungo is not a superhero in the strictest sense, but the book nevertheless has the energy and bravura of a superhero title. The villains set against Dex are larger than life (so to speak) and the dilemmas he faces in the Ectosphere (the Ghost World, where Dex has considerable power) have dire consequences for the sanity and safety of ordinary mortals.

It begins with Dex Mungo having one of his "attacks" again: blinding headaches and a blurring of his site that began a little under a year ago when he turned thirteen. His sickness is the latest in a series of personal catastrophes that have dogged Dex since birth.

Dex seems to see the world differently when the attacks seize him. His right eye (which is controlled, of course, by the left side of his brain) sees our world architecturally speaking. His left eye sees a world very similarly (the dooors, wall, windows in much the same place) but with sometimes subtle, sometimes dramatic differences. All the structures appear encrusted, until they resemble a coral reef. And they are haunted too: countless forms, some remotely human, many not, seem to occupy this other space: The Right Eye world.

From his mother, Josephine Mungo, a hospitalized clairvoyant whose psychic dabblings have contributed to a complete mental breakdown, Dex discovers his shocking origins. Josephine, a fledgling claivoyant, brought a ghost through from the Ectosphere The dimension of ghosts that exists in the same physical space as ours, but beyond the comprehension of our meager senses. That ghost, Leo Mellhart, fell in love with her. After a forbidden liason, her lover was soon dragged back back into the Ghost-World by the Etherites, the mysterious spirit police whose job it is to pounce upon such transgressions.

But love has it's consequences. In this case, the consequence was a child (named Dex as a shortened form of ambidextrous); a child who would grow up to have access to two worlds - the Here and the Hereafter, the living and the dead.

The Ectosphere is not just a world of ghosts; it is also the home of entities known in this world as poltergeists and imps, succubi and incubi, furies and possessing spirits. For someone who is half of the Here, of the Living World, it is a dangerous place. Dex's soul will be very succulent to the evil entities of the Ectosphere: a morsel, ripe for consumption.

At the core of Dex's story lies a mystical device created by his father the Aurat a device which will offer humanity entrance into the Ectosphere. Leo Mellhart was murdered by an alliance of interests for whom such a prospect was more chilling than thriling: The Expurgatorious, an unholy alliance of representatives of the Church (who have a vested interest in keepeing the knowledge of the Hereafter to themselves); political forces (who wish to keep humanity from any greater sense of its own destiny), and crimianl elements have their own agenda. They will own the device and the power it posesses, at any cost.

Endagered on Earth by agents of Expurgatorious, and pursued in the Ectosphere by forces who will do both him and his father terrible damage, it is a perilous adventure he has begun.

But along the way he will encounter friends stranger and more bizarrely talented than any he could ever have met in the Here; he'll soon discover his own innate strengths (and weaknesses); become a hero amongst ghosts; and finally, of course, discover his fater and share the secret which can literally change the world...