Vol. 1 No. 1

Ectokid 1 cover
Cover art: Steve Skroce

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In our first meeting with Dex Mungo we find him being pursued by creatures he cannot explain. One second he is on the familiar streets of New Orleans, the next in a strange but very similar world being hunted. Popping between realities he is disoriented. The creatures corner him, and are about to kill him when a swordsman, Cyrano, saves him. Dex makes a break for it and ends up back on the streets of New Orleans.

We later meet up with the Brothers Augustine (Ice and Tom). We find that Tom Augustine is possessed by Catherine Monvoisin, the spirit of a witch from the time of Louis XIV. She has sent her minions to kill Dex and has failed. Ice vows to take over the job of killing Dex Mungo.

Created by:

Clive Barker


James Robinson


Steve Skroce


Bob Dvorak




Marc McLaurin

Consulting Editor:

Malcom Smith

Executive Editor:

Carl Potts


Tom DeFalco

32 pages(with ads)
Cover price $2.50 US / $3.15 CAN
September 1993
Created by Clive Barker
Ectokid is a trademark of Clive Barker
Published by Marvel Comics