Volume 1 No.8

Hyperkind 8 cover
Cover art: Paris & Petrecca

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Lost ...And Found


The Wild Woman of the original Paxis returns with a vengeance! Witness the resurrection of Tempest, with special guest penciler Roger Cruz in the newest exciting chapter in the unfolding history of the Barkerverse!

Created by:

Clive Barker


Fred Burke

Guest Pencils:

Roger Cruz


Bob Petrecca
Mike Halblieb


Steve Dutro


Tom Smith


Marc McLaurin

Consulting Editor:

Malcom Smith

Executive Editor:

Carl Potts


Tom DeFalco

32 pages(with ads)
Cover price $1.75 US / $2.25 CAN
April 1994
Created by Clive Barker
Hyperkind, The Next Paxis is a trademark of Clive Barker
Published by Marvel Comics