Hokum and Hex No. 1
Hokum and Hex No. 2
Hokum and Hex No. 3
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Hokum and Hex No. 9

Hokum & Hex is a modern take on an ancient subject: the shaman -hero who stands at the doorway to another dimension, guarding the earth from forces that attempt to pass through that portal and wreak havoc amongst us.

Instead of choosing the magician from the Tarot pack, it's the Fool who is our contemporary hero: the Fool, granted powers that he doesn't understand or know how to properly use, who is nevertheless our only hope in dark and dangerous times.

This is Doctor Strange meets the Comedy Channel meets Aliens. An unholy alliance of magic, monsters and maniacal mayhem that will hopefully revive the fortunes of the magician as wit and wonder-maker, the man who wins his battles with imagination rather than brute force, and whose humanity -- magnified through the powers he's been given accidentally granted -- is the thing we his enemies fear the most, because it's unpredictable, irrepressible and finally, a sign of the divine.

Trip Monroe is the great-grandson of one of Vaudeville's forgotten stars, "Sweet-Tooth" Monroe, whose routines were legendary in their time. Now Trip is following in "Sweet-Tooths's" footsteps. He's become a stand that can be an. It's a disastrous decision. His fiance has left. His bank balance has never been worse. And ... nobody thinks he's funny.

But fate has plans for Trip. He's about to become a master magician possessed of extraordinary talents. He's about to face an invasion or from another dimension that is even now underway. He must wage war against the powers that will soon sow grief and insanity throughout the world; against warrior-grotesqes called the the Corpii -- sme of the dirtiest and most brutal fighters in the Ten Worlds. But Trip has power, a vast array of absurd weapons--Monroe 's ephemera -- to help him in the fray.

From now on sometimes stand up comedian, failed lover and insomniac Trip Monroe will be a defender of the earth. He will travel the Decamundi looking for magical allies in the struggle; he'll meet his great-grandfather as a spirit, and learned how comedy expresses the healing spirit of the Cosmos; he'll do stand-up routines for deities, and ride his unicycle through the fires of the Neobys.

The old order of pseudo-archaic spells and high-falutin' symbolism is over. Welcome to the magic of nineties -- comical and brutal, surreal and cynical, dark and. . . . ridiculous.