Clive Barker's
Book of the Damned
A Hellraiser Companion
Volume IV

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Who was the in enigmattic Johnny John? Was he a tortured artist, a prophet, or merely a psychotic killer? No matter what he was, the appearance of the now infamous Revelations remains a mystery.

And here, for the first time, is the complete tome that has, since its creation, spawned a generation of worshipers.

What lies within these covers may shock you and surprise you, and, whether you believe it or not you're in for one Hell a read. . .

Cover Price: $4.95
USA / $6.25 CAN
48 pages
Consultant: Clive Barker
Published by Epic Comics
All Clive Barker's Hellraiser material copyright Clive Barker
ISBN # 0-87135-976-6