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Neil Gaiman's The Sandman sold over 12 million copies for DC Comics and internationally during its seven -year run and is the most successful, most imitated, and most honored adult comic of all time. Winner of the first World Fantasy Award ever given to a comic, Gaiman's moody, twisted tales made Morpheus, Lord of the Dreaming, an icon recognized across the globe.

Now Neil Gaiman has moved on to an even bolder undertaking. He has invited the most celebrated names in the fields of fantasy and horror to enter and expand the Sandman's shadowy realm in a spectacular collection of stories. Gene Wolfe, Clive Barker*, Nancy A. Collins, Tori Amos, Tad Williams, Barbara Hambly, and Steven Brust are but a few superstars assembled here, making this one of the most breathtaking assemblies of talent in publishing history.

*Clive Barker contributed a drawing to this book entitled "Death". No stories of his are included.
  Hardcover - 293 pages
Copyright 1996 by DC Comics
Published by HarperPrism
ISBN 0061008338 

 Paperback - 304 pages
Copyright April 1997
Published by HarperPrism
ISBN: 0061053546


The Sandman Book of Dreams
Paperback - 304 pages (April 1997)

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