by Douglas E. Winter (Editor)
Time is running out. . .
One thousand years . . . the Millennium. . . arrives as the twentieth century ends. And with the Millennium comes a unique publishing event--an anthology/novel written by the superstars of contemporary suspense, horror, and fantasy fiction. This visionary epic, an entertainment of unprecedented scope and power, begins in the Dark Ages and reaches its shattering climax in the twenty-first century.

Conceived and assembled by renowned editor and critic Douglas E. Winter, Millennium features a remarkable short novel by Clive Barker, author of Sacrament, Everville, and Imajica. This master of dark fantasy opens and closes this dramatic spectacle, setting the stage for an imaginative journey through the twentieth century in the company of a prodigious grouping of popular literary talent: Joe R. Lansdale, F. Paul Wilson, David Morrell, Poppy Z. Brite and Christa Faust, Charles Grant, Whitley Strieber, Elizabeth Massie, Richard Christian Matheson, David J. Schow and Craig Spector, and Ramsey Campbell. Decade by decade we witness, through their vivid storytelling techniques, the horrors and the hopes of the century that some see as humankind's darkest. . . and last: our own.

ouglas E. Winter edited the celebrated horror fiction anthology Prime Evil. His eleven published books include the definitive critical biography Stephen King: The Art of Darkness and the World Fantasy Award-winning Faces of Fear.

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Originally, was to be released as Millennium.


CLIVE BARKER In the beginning is the Tale itself.

JOE R. LANSDALE opens with a storm

DAVID MORRELL and a modern plague--

F. PAUL WILSON brings the birth of evil

POPPY Z. BRITE and CHRISTA FAUST and an erotic mystery--

CHARLES GRANT includes the last cowboy

WHITLEY STRIEBER and the first nuclear disaster--

ELIZABETH MASSIE climaxes with revolution

RICHARD CHRISTIAN MATHESON and rock and roll prophecy--

DAVID J. SCHOW and CRAIG SPECTOR As the walls come tumbling down

RAMSEY CAMPBELL ancient hope in a modern wasteland

CLIVE BARKER offers a stunning vision for the next:
  Hardcover 450 pp
ISBN# 0061052469
Publisher: HaperPrism
Copyright 1997 Douglas E. Winter

Mass Market Paperback - 496 pages
Harper Mass Market Paperbacks; (January 1998)
ISBN: 006105643X


Revelations by Douglas E. Winter (Editor)
Mass Market Paperback - 496 pages (January 1998)
Harper Mass Market Paperbacks; ISBN: 006105643X

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