Clive Barker
Mythmaker For The Millenium

Clive Barker

Written By: Suzanne J Barbieri

Forward By: Peter Atkins

Cover By: Les Edwards

Foreword By: Clive Barker

Published By: The British Fantasy Society
ISBN #09952415305

" It's just my dream to be known as an imaginer, as someone who makes worlds."
Clive Barker

The popular stories of today are the myths of tomorrow. The story tellers are the mythmakers. As we move towards the millenium, one author stands head and shoulders above the others as having created such future myths. The new millenium heralds the union of flesh and spirit, fantasy and reality. It will be a time when dreams bleed into walking life and thoughts are made solid. A new mythology is needed for this new age. Clive barker, weaver of dark dreams and fabulous nightmares is surely the one to provide it.