Clive Barker Illustrator II

Clive Barker Illustrator II

Text By:
Fred Burke

Introduction By:
Charles Miller

Published By:
Eclipse Books 1993
Trade clothbound
ISBN 1-56060-198-1
Trade Paperback
ISBN 1-56060-199-X

Mythonaut.. may be the only word that fully encompasses the breadth and scope of Clive Barker's vision. From prose to stage to screen.....from pen and ink character sketches to mammoth oil paintings....Barker explores the vast reaches of the human imagination. The results are almost beyond compare.

Now, the writer of such best-sellers as Imajica and The Thief Of Always, the director of the acclaimed Hellraiser and Nightbreed is conquering a new realm: fine art. with the success of gallery showings in New York, Dallas, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and soon Tokyo-Barker's visual artistry is being given the same serious eye that once led Stephen King to proclaim him the future of dark fiction.

In Illustrater II: The Art Of Clive Barker, we again return to the riches of his sketchbooks and the wonders of his art studio, revealing the horrific, sexual, and sometimes whimsical image-play that have collectors worldwide applauding the debut of a visual genius.

Accompanied by the in-depth interviews of Fred Burke (which led The Austin Chronicle to call Clive Barker, Illustrator " The most satisfying glimpse thus far into the dark, fascinating mind of Barker") this all new volume of paintings, sketches,and drawings lets the reader join Barker the mythonaut on a journey to the core of his imaginative process.