Clive Barker's
"The History of the Devil"

A Seeing Ear Theatre Original

In Clive Barker's The History of the Devil, a deprived and lovelorn Satan is sick and tired of living in Hell. He bemoans the loss of his angel-wings, his freedom of flight, his elegance and grace. And he misses God. So he calls a trial, his appeal, to seek re-admittance into Heaven. As the trial moves through space and time, we revisit scenes of humanity's great failures -- or are they the work of the Devil, his own wicked crimes? If Satan wins his day in court, he'll be reunited with his Father in Heaven. And if he loses? He'll end eternity here with us -- on Earth.

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  ISBN: 0787118133
List Price: $18.00 (21.50 CAN)
Unabridged 2 Cassettes
Published 1999
Total running time: Aprox 3hrs.
Produced and distributed by NewStar Publishing.


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Publication dateApril 1999

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