Fangoria's Best Horror Films


Edited By:
Anthony Timpone

Published By:
Crescent Books
ISBN #0517100134

Fangoria's Best Horror Films features a section on Clive Barker that includes an interview with Clive by W.C. Stroby also included in the book is Doug Bradley's diary while filming Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth.

What do Freedy Krueger, Jason, Michael Meyers, Pinhead, Candyman, Dracula and Hannibal Lecter have in common? They have all scared the living daylights out if us and their movies have had us doubting the safety of the very theater we watch them in, even surrounded by scores of people. If blood, guts, gore and alien or demonic possesion have you mystified or even terrified, then this is the book for you.

If you love horror movies and want to learn more about how the Terminator could appear to pour his body through bars of steel, how 100 Gremlins could appear to be thousands, how Candyman seemed to hover over his prey before the kill, and other state-of-the-art effects, then read on.

Even the scariest movies can be funny, and you'll read about the hilarious things that happened during filming-like when the actor who played Jason, after a long night of shooting and still in full bloody costume and hockey mask, wandered back into his hotel and accidentally crashed a Women's Club breakfast, running from the room amidst horrified screams!

First person interviews with the actors, directors and special FX people, coupled with full color photos from some of the scariest films ever made, make this book a must-have for any horror movie lover.

Read excerpts from the diaries of the actors who played despicable creatures like Pinhead and Jason. Learn how one of the biggest cult movies ever, The Night Of The Living Dead, was actually made for $114,000 during off-hours in the backyard of one of its producers. Read about how George Romero feels that the truetheme of this corpse-ridden movie was actually how a lack of communciation hurts humanity!

From Dracula to Blacula, from Fatal Attraction to The Gore Gore Girls, here are the behind-the-scenes stories of America's most popular horror movies. Tales of Freddy and Chucky and other friends you would'nt want to run into at your neighborhood video store!