Demons and Deviants

Demons and Deviants

Edited By: Michael Brown

Designed By: Jim Whiting

Cover By: John Bolton

Foreword By: Clive Barker

Published By:Phantom Press/Fantaco Enterprises
ISBN #0-938782-24-X

Demons And Deviants features short story fiction by Clive Barker- On Amen's Shore (1992)*, Peter Atkins- Aviatrix, Dan Chichester-Spin Cycle and Steve Niles-Sleep Always. Also featured are photographs courtesy of Mark/Justin studios and art by Clive Barker, Allen Koszowski and Jim Whiting.

On Amens Shore, a short story by Clive Barker that brings us back to the shores of Quiddity. A further exploration into the dream sea as Clive Barker only knows it. This is a much treasured short story and can be found in some recent anthologies.