The Dark Descent

From Dusk Till Dawn

(Reprint Edition)

The Evolution of Horror
Edited by David G. Hartwell

An anothology of horror short stories.
Includes the short story Dread by Clive Barker

If you could have only one anthology of dark stories, this would be the one to have. Having observed that "fans of horror fiction most often restrict their reading to books and stories given a horror category label, thus missing some of the finest pleasures in that fictional mode," David G. Hartwell assembles here 56 important tales within an insightful critical framework; his purpose is to "clear the air and broaden future considerations of horror." Several well-known classics are included, but there are also dozens of lesser-known horror tales, including many by science fiction and literary writers. Get one copy for yourself. Get another for that friend or relative who doesn't understand why you like to read horror.

TOR Books
Trade Paperback - 1024 pages (October 1987)
Reprint edition (February 1997)
Copyright 1987 David G. Hartwell
ISBN: 0312862172

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