Hellraiser III-Hell On Earth
Original Motin Picture Soundtrack

Hellraiser 3 Hell on Earth Soundtrack MUSIC BY RANDY MILLER

Original score composed by Randy Miller.

Released on CRESCENDO Records
Release Date: November 18, 1992
 Although Randy Miller quotes from Chris Young's original Hellraiser several times in this third outing, his own main theme is a strong contender to Young's, carrying on the cosmic drama of the former films while giving this story a musical sensibility of his own. Like the Cenobite torturers of the film, it quickly overcomes the minor musical motifs set before it--such as the heavy and doom-filled theme heard in "Mind Invasion." In "Elliot's Story," Miller accentuates the interplay between the main theme and the "Mind Invasion" motif, one cue playing softly on the violin, and humanizing the horrific sounds heard earlier. The use of the choir adds drama and power to the score. Low, echoing percussion and slow, shimmering cymbals open the music up to cavernous depths. The main theme sounds strident and omnipresent throughout the score. -- © 1998 Visible Ink Press. All rights reserved.


Hellraiser III-Hell On Earth (Soundtrack)
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