The Yattering and Jack

Tales from the Darkside Volume 5
Released 1986
Rated: NR
ISBN 1-56335-245-1
Running Time: Approximately 20 of 100 min.
Available from Worldvision Home Video Inc.


The Yattering and Jack, from renowned horror-master CLIVE BARKER, stars TONY CARBONE (The Pit and the Pendulum) in a bizarre tale of a painter bedeviled by a cut-rate demon known as a "yattering". Sent by Satan to drive the artist mad, the nasty little creature soon discovers Jack has a fiendishly effective form of protection!


The Yattering up to his old tricks. Jack's daughter shows up to celebrate Christmas. The Yattering at the door. The devil goes over the rules with the Yattering.
Christmas carolers show up distress the Yattering. The Yattering causes the turkey to move The Yattering causes the turkey to move I should have bought a frozen turkey.
Jack fights off the Yattering's attempts to drive him crazy. The Yattering tears up the presents. Tricked by Jack, the Yattering breaks the rules and touches the damned before he is damned. The Yattering is now forced to be Jack's slave.


Tony Carbone

- Jack

Phil Fondacaro

- the Yattering

Thomas Newman

- Devil

Danielle Brisebois

- Amanda

Production Team

Clive Barker

- Story

Erica Fox

- Associate Producer

Anthony Santa Croce

- Producer

Richard P Rubenstein
George A Romero
Jerry Golod

- Exec.Producers