Released: 1985
AKA: Underworld
Rated: R
Running Time: 103 minutes
ISBN #0-8051-0438-0

"All Mutants are not created Equal" the cover of this movie proclaims.
Transmutations was Clive Barker's initial attempt at writing for film. The movie released in 1986 was an Empire Pictures production and released by Vestron Video.

"Dr Savary (Denholm Elliot), a sinister biochemist, has created a subhuman species who dwell in the vast networks of the city's underground. Addicted to the ecstasy of Savary's mind-expanding drug, they also suffer from a ghastly side-effect --- total and grotesque disfigurement!"

Transmutations was directed by George Pavlou and produced by Kevin Attew and Don Hawkins. Though the movie does
boast such stars (in their early years) as Denholm Elliot and Miranda Richardson, it lacks in story development. Clive has often joked that the producers for the movie hired him to write a horror movie, only to turn about after the script was delivered to ask for a "Rock video" type of movie. The early movies Clive scripted lost some of their luster, thus driving Clive to direct "Hellraiser" himself.

Movie Images
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Nicole (Nicola Cowper)


Stephen Berkoff

- Hugo Motherskille

Nicola Cowper

- Nicole

Denholm Elliott

- Dr. Savary


- Roy Bain


- Fluke

Ingrid Pitt

- Pepperdine

Miranda Richardson

- Oriel

Irina Brook

- Bianca

Paul Brown

- Nygaard

Brian Croucher

- Darling

Philip Davis

- Lazarus

Paul Mari

- Dudu

Gary Olsen

- Red Dog

Trevor Thomas

- Ricardo

Production Team

Kevin Attew

- Producer

Clive Barker

- Screenwriter

James Caplin

- Screenwriter

Graham Ford

- Producer


- Music

Don Hawkins

- Producer

Len Huntingford

- Set Decoration

Sydney Macartney

- Cinematographer

George Pavlou

- Director

Richard Perkis

- Special Effects

Chris Ridsdale

- Film Editor

For only those Clive fans with very strongest of hearts and the mind to not judge the man by the foul attempts of others. Warning I thought I could handle watching this film and ended up with a severe headache after 25 minutes. It is that bad!