Released: 1996
Released by: Dimension
Running time: 85 min
Rated: R
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Pinhead Is Back - And This Time, He's Out For More the fourth and most terrifying chapter of the widly popular Hellraiser series! Spanning three generations, this horrifying story chronicles the struggle of one family who unknowingly created the music box that opened the doors of Hell - setting the diabolical Pinhead free to spread evil here on earth! Now, the family must fight to slam those doors shut again...but not before Pinhead wages his fiercest and most frightening battle ever!


In the year 2127 soldiers board Space Station Minos and discover lone scientist Paul Merchant (Bruce Ramsay) experimenting with an antique puzzlebox. He tells one of the group, Rimmer (Christine Harnos), his tale: In 18th-century France, his ancestor Phillip Lemarchand (Ramsay again) invents the box--named in studio publicity material, but not in the dialogue, as the Lament Configuration--for the Duc de L'Isle (Mickey Cottrell). To his horror, Phillip discovers the nobleman using the box in a ritual to raise demons, creating the satanic seductress Angelique (Valentina Vargas). Phillip is killed trying to counteract his key to hell, but the rest of the Lamarchand family escapes.

In 1996, descendant John Merchant (Ramsay once more) is a Los Angeles architect whose latest building design follows subconscious memories of the Lament Configuration. Ageless Angelique arrives from Paris with the puzzle box, with which she summons the sadomasochist "Cenobite" demon known as Pinhead (Doug Bradley). They threaten John's family to coerce him into activating his new atrium as a diabolical gateway. But John has been working on the Elysium Configuration, a cube of reflected light which negates the portal of hell. He dies winning a temporary victory against the fiends.

Back on the space station Pinhead and his minions are afoot, having been conjured by Paul for a showdown. They decimate the disbelieving soldiers, but Paul's own hologram of himself distracts Pinhead while Merchant and Rimmer flee in a shuttlecraft. By remote control Paul activates a modified Elysium Configuration that transforms Minos itself into one huge puzzlebox that engulfs and vanquishes the Cenobites forever.

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Doug Bradley

- Pinhead

Wren T. Brown

- Parker

Mickey Cottrell

- Duc de L'Isle

Tom Dugan

- Chamberlain

Christine Harnos

- Rimmer

Courtland Mead

- Jack

Louis Mustillo

- Sharpe

Kim Myers

- Bobbi

Paul Perri

- Edwards

Bruce Ramsay

- Phillip / John / Paul

Pat Skipper

- Carducci

Louis Turenne

- Auguste

Valentina Vargas

- Angelique

Production Team

Laurel Smith

- Casting

Andrea Stone

- Casting

Alan Smithee

- Director

Kevin Yagher

- Director

Robert Bennett

- Producer

Nancy Rae Stone

- Producer

Peter Atkins

- Screenwriter

Gerry Lively

- Cinematographer

Daniel Licht

- Music and Lyrics, Music

Randolph K. Bricker

- Film Editor

Rod Dean

- Film Editor

Jim Prior

- Film Editor

Ken Larson

- Art Director

Clive Barker

- Exec.Producer

Casey Bennett

- Exec.Producer

Kurt Bryant

- Stunts

K.C. Colwell

- Assis.Director

Ivo Cristante

- Production Designer

Dennis Dion

- Stunts

Eileen Kennedy

- Costumes

Robert B. Lee

- Stunts

Gary Lively

- Operator

Anna C. Miller

- Assoc.Producer

Paul Rich

- Exec.Producer

Gary Tunicliffe

- Makeup

Ed White

- Sound


Hellraiser - Bloodline (1996)
Rated R
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Hellraiser - Bloodline (1996)
Rated R
NTSC format (US and Canada only)
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