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In the Forbidden, Pete Atkins plays Faust, who is rather convincingly flayed toward the end of the film.

Also featured is the the inspiration for Pinhead's amazing appearance - a square block of wood with 6" nails. The anatomical etchings of Versalius are also rather convincingly brought to life. This Film was shot using techniques to make the film negative appear to be a positive and then a negative was made off the positve.

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Clive Barker Clive Barker

Peter Atkins, Clive Barker, Doug Bradley, Phil Rimmer, Lyn Darnell, Julie Blake

Director: Clive Barker

Music: Adrian Carson


Salome/The Forbidden (1973)
Rated NR
NTSC format (US and Canada only)
Color, NTSC

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Salome/The Forbidden (1973)
Rated NR
Edition Details:
Region 1 encoding (for use in US and Canada only)
Silent with music score
Separate Film Score Audio Track
Widescreen letterbox format
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