Clive Barker on RAZORLINE

If ever there was a medium made for over-achievers, it's comics. Where else can a creator make mischief on a cosmic scale; tell tales in which worlds rise and fall in the space of a few panels, where battles may shake the stars, and every emotion -- grief, joy, rage, hope -- is felt and expressed on a mythic scale?

Here no excess is shameful, no villainy to damnable, no love too selfless, no joy too transcendental. Given the chance to create a new universe for these excesses to flourish in, who could turn down the invatation? Not this writer.

Hence the Decamundi, a series of ten New Worlds where dozens of characters who have never before existed outside my fevered imagination are ready to erupt. The stories and mythologies we are creating for you are, I promise, without precedent in my creative life. There's nothing here you will have seen in one of my movies, or read in one of my novels or short stories. The Barkerverse has been created specifically for rhe comic-book page.

In it, you'll find super heroes a'plenty, and villains for them to tangle with; there'll be phantoms from the Ectosphere, and Gods who gamble with the fate of our planet, and magic and mayhem and miracles...

And all this is just the beginning.

In the upcoming months the Barkerverse is set for a Big Bang, as new characters, titles, and worlds are added to the four that will be in your hands this Summer. If you find too many of the New Universes being touted around by the competition look suspiciously like old Universes with a half-hearted lick of paint, come with us on our journey into the wilds of the Decamundi. We will take you on the ride of your lives. And isn't that why we all go to comic books in the first place, to be transported?

Enough. I've got a dozen continents to name and a star system to create before I'm done for the day. It's a tough job playing God, but somebody's got to do it...

----Clive Barker

Razorline THE FIRST CUT Vol. 1 No. 1 September 1993
Cover Price: USA $0.75/ CAN $.095/ UK 55p
Published by MARVEL COMICS
Copyright 1993 Clive Barker