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Thomas Garrow just stood and watched. There was nothing in him but awe. Fear was not for those who still had a chance of life. Thomas Garrow had none.
He stared into the pitiless face of

Rawhead it was called because its head was huge and raw like meat. It was the last of a line of kings dating from before civilization, before Christ, when England was forest all over... and the home of unspeakable horror. The most famous and powerful story came from Clive Barker's Books of Blood is here unforgettably illustrated. The incomparable talent of Les Edwards brings ancient evil to life.

Also in this volume, the haunting Clive Barker story Twilight At the Towers, Illustrated by the amazing Hector Gomez.

Adapted by:

Steve Niles

Illustrated by:

Lionel Talaro

Rawhead Rex © Clive Barker 1984
Adaptation Copyright © Steve Niles 1993

Artwork Copyright © Les Edwards 1993

Twilight at the Towers Copyright © Clive Barker 1985
Adaptation Copyright © Steve Niles 1993
Artwork Copyright © Hector Gomez 1993

Published by Eclipse Graphic Novels 1994
An Imprint of
HarperCollins Publishers

UK / $16.95 AUS
94 Pages
ISBN # 0-00-224952-9