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She nearly Died on the operating table... masked men removed the cancers, and her womb...
but Elaine Rider lived on, mourning. Until, after a midnight visit to the newly opened crypt of All Saints Church - A plague pit heaped with bodies, festering now they are exposed - she is suddenly a picture of health and vitality...of

Kavanagh's morbid preference was for the sad, fragile Elaine he met before. Before she had the power to kill with her touch. But who is Kavanagh?
Elain mistakes him for Death in disguise, her clean-boned guardian, her promised lover. He is something far worse, as she will learn...

Also included in this volume: An adaptation by Steve Niles of Clive Barker's New Murders on the Rue Morgue, Illustrated by the brilliant Hector Gomez.

Stories Adapted by:

Fred Burke
Steve Niles


Stewart Stanyard
Hector Gomez

Life of Death © 1993 Clive Barker
£6.99 UK / $9.25 AUS
Published by Eclipse Books
96 Pages

ISBN # 0-586-21758-4