Stephen Dressler
Back before the dawn of civilization, I suddenly came upon a revelation that would soon change my life forever. Walking through the local bookstore, I had the unexpected urge to read a book (I had never actually taken the time to try before--mind you, I was 15 years old at the time). Pulling books from the shelf, I scanned the covers wondering what it was about the books that would pull me into their grasps. I decided I wanted to start with a small book to prevent my head from exploding in case reading turned out to be bad for you instead of good as all the experts declared. Drawing out a book called ╬The Fates' I marveled at the strange claws that seemed to be swimming through the air on the cover. The book by Thomas Tessier boasted the quote that stated "It was an ordinary New England town. Until the eerie light started shining-and the killing began." I can't tell you if it was the taboo issue of horror that instinctively drew me in, or just that I have never been one for the relaxing, feel good events throughout the entertainment world that I had already had enough of. So, I bought the book. Was it good? It was okay, but the next book, ╬The Ceremonies' by T.E.D. Klien was--------oh, about the same to be truthful. Maybe I began to wonder if reading was really for me or not. I guess I can't say if I thought I might just quit and go about some other business, but I had ALL THIS TIME INVESTED into actually reading something; I should stay with it awhile and see if I come across something that will really blow my socks off, I thought.

"Be thankful if you scream, at least you're still alive" declared the cover of Clive Barker's ╬Books of Blood Volume 1'. The cover sported an awful mask that seemed to have gummy worms crawling from the eye sockets. It was the quote that got to me, as well as the praise that Stephen King had given Clive "I have seen the future of horror and it's name is Clive Barker" that lulled me into making the purchase. Needless to say, I sat in the kitchen of mom and dad's house all day, flipping from one page to the next until I had exhausted them all. That is so sadly my beginning of this more than wonderful journey I have been taking into the world of Clive Barker. I have been here from the start, and say whole-heartedly that I hope there will be no end. Part of the reason Cheryl and I started doing the club was of course to stay up on information, as well as being able to distribute it along to the fans that needed to know what was happening. We all have our selfish reason for wanting to get involved, but that is what this game of life is all about. To all the Lost Souls out there, welcome aboard the imagination train, there will be few stops along the way and even fewer reasons to disembark.