Craig Fohr

I was first exposed to Clive Barker years ago at a Halloween Party. The host had popped in a video of Hellraiser just before I was ready to leave to pick someone up. When I got back I was lost as to what was going on in the film. I thought this movie was too far out there for me. It took me years to give the film a second chance. And am I ever glad I did! Clive Barker is a genius.

Five years ago I was exposed to Clive Barker's art and once again realized the genius of this man. I decided to put togther my own website (MIDIAN) dedicated to Clive Barker with the hopes that someday he may see it. My dreams became a reality when I travelled to Minneapolis to see Mr. Barker at a book signing and present him with my webpages on a laptop computer. Now my dreams are further realized as I join the Lost Souls staff to help build up this web site.