Brett Green
It all started out at an off price retailers store in northern New Jersey.I was just transfered from a store location in New York State. In thenew store I met a beautiful girl named Cheryl, who always wore black andtalked about a guy named Clive Barker.

I fell in love with her after a long friendship and soon enough we wereinvolved.

My first introduction to the world of Clive Barker was when I helped outat the Lost Souls table at the Fangoria convention in New York City.Shortly after Fangoria I took a trip to the Bess Cutler Gallery with Cherylso she could visit Bess. That day I fell in love with Clive's artwork, Iwas convinced I had to be a lost Soul! So I started taking on smallresponsibility's for the fan club. Shortly after, I left my retail careerand started employment with an internet provider. When Web Of Lost Soulswas closed, Stephen and Cheryl asked me If I would consider running a newLost Souls web site . Without hesitation I started on the project.Cheryl and I went on vacation to the east coast Sacrament signing's topromote the new site and the fan club. this was the first time I met Clive.

Currently I am directing the new web site and I am starting the Layout inLost souls Magazine, I am sure this is a new begining for me in the Worldof Clive Barker!!!!!!!!

-Brett Green 1996 August