Peloquin's Tattoos

Peloquin offers a little explanation as to why he got these pieces.

I personally identify very closely with Cabal/Nightbreed. I have lived most of my life outside of 'normal' society, shunned because I look different. So I got the characters that I felt signified key points of my personality.

Peloquin signifies my rebellion against what is demanded of you "Fuck the Law! I want Meat!"

Boone/Cabal signifies my belief that some things can overcome any odds, especially love.

Kinski signifies my loyalty to my friends, always sticking by them whether what they are doing is the right thing to do or not but at the same time trying to save them from themselves.

Decker signifies the fact that we all wear a mask to the world. "Everyone has a secret face."

My portrait of Clive represents my creativity. Clive is a multi-talented individual who has thrived at all of his endeavors, and that is what I aspire to as well. I currently draw, paint, tattoo professionally, make music, DJ, and have recently started writing fiction.

The devil face (which I consider an interpretation of Lude) and Clive's autograph were drawn directly on my skin by Clive at the Galilee reading at the National Press Club in Washington DC. He loved my ink, insisted that it be on the site, and was more than happy to help add to it. So I lucked out and I now have a Clive Barker original that I can never lose, and I got for free at that LOL.

The sigil of Midian made to look as if it were cut into the skin is a kind of nod to Narcisse, showing that there is more under what you see, and if you are willing to go to all ends to find it, you may be surprised by how far it takes you.

I have included the rest of the pieces that are currently done as well as my 'Breed' picture. I intend to add the wall of skulls behind everything about halfway up and then finish with the flames that consumed Midian.
If anybody finds themselves in the South FL area and are interested in getting a Clive tattoo, contact me at Inksters II at 561-881-TATS or email me at