Syra and Arys

When the colors of the world were erased,
Two souls in fear like stars replaced,
Found nothing but contained love unfaced.

As the voyage seem't unique and in vain
Both found each other in identical pain.
These words I write quote their matching gain:


As instrument of mem'ry is defunct,
Untrenched in bleeding scars that rings conjunct,
Alas! I mark a date that cries in joy
For these, my tears, are not of pain, but toy
My ev'ry sense that slept and slept henceforth;
The sun that comes and warms the lonely north.
I stabbed the look of love to balance hate
With that I killed the thought to procreate.
My shameful deed has skinned the guiltless skin
For if that love was ours, we'd scream their din.
I beg that thou wouldst give the jugdeless heart
And yell the fact that we shall never part.

Neglected now, my days that feasted life--
This moment forth! I wish to be your wife!


To hear another speaking wound that heals
To see a nymph, a goddess hid, that feels
Has seized my walls, revealed my dungeon's myth
This lifted veil you took has been my gift.
Your temple worn that draws creative sights
Enthralls my thoughts; the dreaming talkless nights
Believe that I , shall be thy 'ternal guard!
A fearless beast, but soft to thou unwarred.
We've heard the missing seams that wrap our words.
You know our childish hands are cageless birds.
Teach that to bend my mind I hold with sand
Thus intertwine our strings to be a strand.

I want, my wife, more than a single phrase,
Beneath our Cupid's wing-- your years; my days

Dead hues can't kill absolute emotion.
Nature's rules can't punish their devotion.
This is the perfect reason to have the sky, the land, and the ocean.

Love is the mother of the earth and father to bliss.
Those many, who refuse its divine fruit, will not have this.
Unlike those two who were lost now found in love-- Syra and Arys.

-Jovan Hernandez