by Jacob Gotlib

Hello me, I'd like for you to meet
my two friends: myself and I.
I'd like to tell you all the things I've seen.
They have seen them, too:

Shadows, shadows on the wall,
they leap from the ground, and then they fall.
I hear their whispers, disjointed rasps,
insane screams, they wheeze and ghasp.
The tell me things; strange things,
as the sound of laughter sings
within my head. I try and pray:
"God please make the things go away!"
Then, without taunts, laughs, or screams or sounds,
they just slink back into the ground.
As I lay spasming on the floor,
staring at the spinning knobs on the door.
Round and round and round and round and round.

Every day I die again,
and live and die and live again.
The room pulsates with colors unknown,
as the sound of screaming begins to drone
in my head. These things won't disappear,
the clock is laughing, and smiling sneer.
"Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink,"
I'm swimming in a pool of madness, but I bear not even think
why the candle burns at both ends, now,
When the faceless man will gut me, how!
His blade is soiled with forgotten lore,
memories, people, faces galore.
Living, dying, living, dying, living.

Hearken! I hear the sound,
of my three friends, they are coming 'round!
They will drive away these horrid things,
But only of creatures and demons they sing.
As they dance, I stare at the wall,
Circular squares, flying, morphing, large and small.
My eyes are melting, my brain will fry,
In a pool of my own waste I lie.
Mother, father, help me please!
The shadows are coming, I hear them wheeze!
In world of hellfire the faceless man comes.
Breeding evil from his burning slums.
I'm screaming screaming screaming screaming screaming.