The Arsonist

Burning with the fire,
consumed by the heat,
The passion that is has no bounds.

With a touch of the flame
it is set to burn
crackling and hissing sounds.

Dark smoldering emers
become powdery dust,
leaving lifeless ash gray mounds.

The arsonist lives
born in your mind
and within your heart he pounds.

Self portrait

You look but you don't see me.
I see but without eyes.
Exposed in all I think
Yet alone with anguished cries.

Just behind the horizen
lies the man that I call me
He's frightening to look at
but he's all that I can be.

hide your face from the truth
and steal a token glance
It's only me, it's only you
but we'll never take the chance.

You look but you won't find me.
I hide for all to see.
It's hell to live without you.
It's hell not to be free.

Born Again

Silent screams from barren birtha metamorphosis, I am born                  again and again.Captured in my agonya monstrous form of life                  always present.And then I have becomea hideous wretched form                  a child once more.
The Lover

A silent lover with secrets untold
fading in my eyes, but not my heart.
Part of you with me and part of you gone
and parts of us both torn apart.

The world will be different
but will stay just the same.
no one can see the anger or pain;
or at least choose not to notice the tear
shed for the ignorant laden with fear.

Immortal forever in an agonized state
and it's truth slowing slipping away.
Captured and held, a mere prisoner of fate
Let's rejoice, for we had our day.

Poetry by
Sandy M. Reial
Sandy's poetry is inspired by Clive Barker's artwork and has appeared in Clive Barker's Dread fanzine.