Maze Of Torment

by David Chamberlain Jr.
Diluted souls swimming endlessly in confusion,
Screaming uncontrollably in voices wishing to be silenced.
This world, this life, these diseased mongrels of sin and sorrow,
Circling like vultures with blind senses chasing something that's not
Broken bones and broken souls, a stairway of Hell bound decent.
Pain is not a feeling but a part of our souls.
Splintered minds numbed by projected realities.
False truths that hardly ever unfold continue deceiving illusioned
beings in this maze of torment.
Our minds are baskets woven with lies, pain, and sadness.
Ignorance is bliss in this world where stupidity is blessed.
Bleeding love while writhing in spikes.
Smoke or fog I can't distinguish which blinds you and me.
I may have the answer and you may have a clue,
Put the pieces altogether and more we are confused.
Answers run scarce, theories are abundant,
Brains burn from attempting to heed anything at all.
What is this madness that penetrates our brains?
Nothing but silence spoken by no one.
Sage brush and tumble weed deserts.
Vacant-answer plains.