Last Decade, Darkness
by Chris MacDonald


softly they gather
under the mountain
a circle of fire
for living & dying
a prayer for the weak
The Bleeding God

Starlight Moon-Dance
The Napalm Children
rage into morning, biting
and stabbing.
butchering Purity,
The Soul of the Lost Child
is hunting for something
left murdered and bleeding
(unopened, unsolved)
just lying there
and staring at something
that smells like a

Everybody screams at midnite
Everybody dreams of monsters
with foul probing tongues
and Eyes, blank, like the souls
of the Dead.


The fox, the fate
The fire, warm

We feed the fire with the flesh of the weak
We feed the disease with prayers for the dying
We offer ourselves for a fistful of nothing
to breed and to die in a maelstrom of blackness


pretty girl, wiccan child
wandering the Golden Fields
dreaming of horses, muscled
slide out of your skin and
crawl to love me,
melt us together in
Prisons of Fire

the seeds of the children
are lonely and poisoned
waiting for visions, abounding
with Thunder

the Ghost rides in Headless,
exploding the sinners
and melts into sunshine the
Faces of Maggots

We are of the Legion
(the punished & hungry)
We are of the Vacant
(the listless & blackened)
We dance in the Fires
(of fury & chaos)
We are of the Dirt
(the buried & breathing)


god sent his children out into green fields
to laugh and to love in warm Seasons of Light
satan sent tigers deep down into caves
to dance and to lust in the Shadows of Night

the Shadows of Night where the cruel creatures meet
the Season of Light where enchantments congrue
the Angels of Heaven fell down to earth dead
drown'd in the blood of their hearts ripped in two


invoke now the silver
of the midnite fox

hot River of Blood, Spiders Dancing
behind my Eyes

The Fire Furnace accepts time
The Thick Melting of Shapes
The Subtle Fusion of Roaming Bastards

lost in silence
and demented
by morality

meek wanderers...we collide on a
phantasmic dream scape
and Awaken, smeared over with
the shit of our Devils
our Swirling Demons

we are each(other) a feather on
the wings of a
Fallen Angel,
whipped and caressed by the
Tongue of God
beaten by Angels, steel wing'd Fury
absorbed and racing t'ward
a shining alter,

born to pray, born to cry
born to rot in this, the
Earth we've burned

life for death
pain for sunshine
bones to ashes and
sin for sorrow

time is a merciless opponent
a cold oppressor



we are here, Dementia
we are fallen, Downward
we are here, Breached, entwined
wrapped thru and around
the bloody entrails
of a dying Mother
Worshipping Moonlight

Fall down, cry, the rage, the Rape!
Fall down and pray as
The Suns rain Blood into Heaven's hour

this punishment never ending


suffer the
the Bleeding Moon
laughing & dancing


howls of pleasure meet and
unfurl into the Black Swarm
This Decsecrated Madness

dogs, rocks,
the black-eyed man stomps his
boots of stone into
the Tortured Dirt

A Circle of Despair, A Circle of Fire

Erupting Against Heaven.
-Chris MacDonald
Nova Scotia, Canada
June 6, 1999