by Casey Pearce
I've entered this locale
here in the darkness
I roam and search
for this elusive answer

Where have I gone?
To the ends of the earth?
Across the wide oceans?
Through the past that beckons?

You've talked to me before
in your shadowed and dusky dreams
I have entered as your puppet,
as your clown
You've spoken to me in riddles
I've answered you in tounges
You've scolded me for caring
and then hung me at the gallows

I have once played the part of
the lover,
the friend,
the evil,
and the good
But in your waking hours....
I glance from afar

Twilight that burdens recollection
Sweet sorrow that presses firmly,
on your beliefs

Yet still I glance from my destination
I see you asleep,
praying for those pure dreams
to come and take you away
to the place where you can stand up tall,
and never tilt