Deception and Amour

by Dain Michael Fedora
And the flames dance within the hearth.

Moisture pushes against the walls,
Dancing in the dark, from our heated breaths.

Like marching soldiers to the end,
We move in rhythm,
Lifting and falling like the caressing wind,
So penetrating -
Our touching lips and gliding hands press together.

I gaze into your cunning eyes,
A forest of mystery and unknown,
How they enchant me.
But I see the obscurity on your face,
Feel the secret fire in your veins,
The burning secrets of your velvet skin.

Why are you always hiding from me?

With whose skin do you now feel?
With whose mouth do you now cry?
A body beneath my own,
But where are you
Within the labyrinth of your heart?

Do you believe in the unanswered love I feel?

If rain brings winds of change,
Let it rain forever on us…
All this I now wish,
While glistening bodies quake beneath satin sheets.

And the flames of the fire slowly pass away with time,
Questions drift away with sleep in our warm embrace.