a chant

by George Zhou
In the Shrine of the Lost
And ancient bell toll;
Behold! - the abode
Of restless sould.

Troubled walls,
Gruesome histories,
Satanic tomes -
De Vermis Mysteriis.

Foul boons requested,
Rituals perverted,
Deeds of blood and
Crosses inverted.

Tainted waters,
Dances macabre,
Orgies and chants
To the Unholy Father.

Prayers profance,
Lost spirits awakening,
By way of the Ouija
Dark secrets revealing.

Twilight approaches;
The Reckoning is near,
The seeds of corruption
Shall spread from here.

When demons whisper
And wise men nod,
It is time to pray -
But who is your God?