Macabre Meanderings
(A Journey with Clive Barker)

From Imajica to Everville
In the Hills, the Cities, Tapping the Vein
of The Forbidden Hellbound Heart Coming to Grief
Babel's Children, at The Age of Desire,
Weaveworld The Damnation Game
as Sacrament to The Life of Death;
while The Thief of Always Dread
The Great and Secret Show,
The Skins of The Fathers Human Remains
(The Inhuman Condition In The Flesh!),
and The Last Illusion from The Book of Blood -
Jacqueline Ess: Her Will and Testament
(How Spoiler's Bleed Pig Blood Blues)
-- -- --- -- --
Scapegoats Revelations
[Primal Confessions of a (Pornographers) Shroud -
tell of rides on The Midnight Meat Train,
New Murders in The Rue Morgue,
and Hell's Event where
Cabal, The Madonna, Rawhead Rex,
The Yattering and The Jack,
and The Son of Celluloid Down Satan
as Twilight at The Towers shows
Lost Souls Sex, Death, and Starshine

Poetry by Roger Abbott